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Established in 1960, Nelmac Pty Ltd has a proud and strong history of offering innovative and high quality solutions within the bridge construction industry. Its Principal, Mr Nelson McIntosh founded the company some 50 years ago with the business undergoing extensive transformation with it now positioned as a competitive force in the industry.

Whilst in its early years Nelmac Pty Ltd focused solely on bridge construction the company has now expanded its operations to include prestressed and pre-cast concrete products, logistics and engineering.

This diversification has enabled the company to grow exponentially with the business now managing all aspects of the project from:

  • Bridge Construction & Design
  • Road Construction and Preparation
  • Pile Driving
  • Demolition
  • Prestressed Concrete Products
  • Engineering.

Nelmac Pty Ltd is unique in its ability to service all facets of the construction process from design, construction, engineering through to the ability to manufacture its own concrete products used. This competitive edge ensures we deliver a quality controlled solution unable to be offered by other construction companies further supported with a third party accredited quality management system.

Nelmac Pty Ltd's capacity to handle both small and large scale bridge works demonstrates the company's ability and capacity to work with the client to develop suitable concept designs, construction materials and identify potential problems associated with design and construction methodology proposed through third parties.

The company is committed to being a leader in bridge and road construction through continuous research, improvement and innovation. This it achieves through its superior levels of performance, reliability, security, integrity and responsibility.

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