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Our Expertise

Nelmac offers a unique service to its clients based on 50 years of experience in the bridge and road construction industry.

Owned and operated as a family enterprise the company prides itself on its high standards, personal and professional touch and the ability to deliver innovative solutions to suit the requirements of our clients.



Nelmac consists of the following operating divisions to afford its clients a professional and appropriate service:

  • Bridge Construction including:
    • Steel fixing
    • Formwork erection and design
    • Concrete placement and finishing
    • Temporary Bridge Design and Construction
  • Road and Earthworks including
    • Placement of culverts and other prefabricated products
    • Bridge approaches
  • Pile driving including:
    • Driven piles, including RC and
    • Prestressed Piles using 4 and 6 tonne Hydraulic Hammers
    • Bored cast-in-place piles with or without temporary casing
    • Permanently cased bored cast in place piles cased.
  • Prestressed Concrete Manufacturing including:
    • T-Roff or Super T Girders to 32 metres
    • PSC Planks
    • Reinforced concrete piles to 500mm
    • Prestressed reinforced concrete piles
    • Prestressed Octagonal Piles to 550mm
  • Engineering Services:
    • Manufacture of steel guardrail
    • Manufacture of minor steel item for incorporation into bridge structure
  • Demolition including:
    • Safe removal of contaminated materials;
    • Recycling of materials where permitted;
    • Minimal impact to the environment; and
    • Safe practices in removal and demolition of existing structures.

This diversification enables Nelmac to not only deliver a more economical solution but also enables us to monitor and maintain a superior quality of service throughout the entire contract.