Certification 9001 Certificate 4801 Certificate 14001 Certificate
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Occupational Health and Safety

Nelmac Pty Ltd recognises it has a legal responsibility under the Victorian Occupational Health & Safety Act 2004 and the New South Wales Work Health & Safety Act 2011 and associated Legislations, to proactively ensure the health and safety of it's employees while they are at work and of the general public whilst they are in the vicinity of a worksite.

Nelmac Pty Ltd shall aim therefore, to provide and maintain the best practicable proactive health and safety standards for its workplace, and plant and equipment.

The management of OH&S will be based on current knowledge and will ensure that safe work practices are adopted and implemented.

Nelmac is committed to continuous improvement of the OH&S program. Nelmac Pty Ltd is accredited under the Australian Government Building and Construction OHS Accreditation Scheme. Nelmac Pty Ltd were the 300th organisation to be accredited under the scheme.


Nelmac Pty Ltd has in place a third party accredited environmental system which is integrated into its construction activities.

As a tailored solution, all aspects of environment are considered prior to the commencement of the all construction works to determine what is required to meet the needs of the project.

This includes all elements from planning and certification, through to specific elements such as heritage and cultural assessments, risk matrix, sediment and erosion strategies, etc.


It is the policy of Nelmac Pty Ltd to consistently provide all products and services in accordance with the customer's specified requirements and applicable regulatory requirements. The Company recognises that in order to maintain customer satisfaction, it must achieve all that has been specified and completely fulfil its contractual obligations before seeking customer approval and acceptance.

This shall be undertaken through contract review to confirm the customer's needs and expectations, planning and controlling the managerial and technical aspects of the work, and verifying that the outcomes of the planning and control activities have been successful.

The Company also aims to achieve improved productivity, efficiency and quality by having an effective and properly managed quality system complying with ISO 9002 and by ensuring that all staff are suitably trained. All employees of Nelmac Pty Ltd are responsible for the quality of their efforts and are required to comply with the Company's quality system as outlined in this Quality Manual. All employees shall be made aware of these requirements by their supervisors.