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Nelmac's capacity encompasses a broad range of bridge construction experience and includes expertise in:

  • Footbridges
  • Design and Construction
  • Deck Slabs/ Insitu Decks
  • Temporary Bridging
  • Bridge Construction
  • Void Slabs/Post Tensioning
  • Prestressed Structures and Components.

With extensive experience across each of these areas Nelmac is able to offer a solution to suit individual requirements whilst still possessing extensive expertise and quality.

Design & Construction

Nelmac, due to its innovative approach to bridge construction, are always looking for 'smarter, cheaper' alternatives to bridge design. Using expert and credible civil engineering capability Nelmac works in consultation with the Engineers to design solutions best suited to the clients needs. These solutions are achieved without reducing the quality of works or comprising standards. Loading specifications, capacity requirements and design elements are all considered in the final design and construction solutions.



Nelmac has constructed a range of footbridges to meet the various requirements of clients. These vary from simple single span steel structures to multi span prestressed concrete structures over major waterways and roadways.

These structures have predominantly been design and construct with Nelmac Pty Ltd offering aesthetic solutions taking into consideration the environment, the historical significance and urban expectations.

Deck Slabs/Insitu Decks

For many years Nelmac have used vibrating screed boards on pre set screed rails which are set for deflection as the concrete is placed in position. All concrete is placed by either a concrete pump or concrete kibble and vibrated using Nelmac's personnel who are trained to perform this procedure to a high quality.

Nelmac personnel do not walk on the screeded concrete surface, therefore not impacting the vibrated finish of the concrete. We believe that the process used results in a cleaner, higher quality finish, unsurpassed and thus avoiding problems occurring on other contracts not carried out by Nelmac.




Nelmac's process also includes the placement of reinforcement. This process is also undertaken by experienced Nelmac personnel undertaken in-house without the need for external contractors which may detract from the quality of the product being delivered.

The vibrating screed is then pulled along the screed rails to achieve the appropriate level delivering a superior finish to the product.

Void slabs/post tensioning

Post tension pier to allow for wider gap between the columns to allow for two railway tracks to operate under the bridge structure. This crosshead contained in excess of 100 cubic metres of concrete cast insitu and then post tensioned.

Nelmac has constructed several post tension voided slabs (box girder) structures along the Hume Freeway (Victoria) and within regional NSW. These projects involved intensive scaffolding, large volumes of formwork, detailed placement of reinforcement and stressing voids.

The process requires large concrete pours with the strength of the final bridge structure being achieved once post tensioning of the void slab has been achieved.


Bridge construction