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Nelmac Pty Ltd own and operate most of their own equipment for the purpose of earthworks and also for the placement materials required for road construction.

Experiences include the placement of 20,000 tonnes of rock for the stabilising of foundations for the Oyster Channel Bridge at Yamba and approximately 1km of roadworks, the road works for the Pambula Bypass including three major culverts and in excess of 15,000 tonnes of rock stabilising between the culverts and construction of roadworks to RTA specification.

Major works have also been undertaken at Moree whereby culverts were positioned as part of the road approaches to the bridge over the Mehi River.

Other examples of culvert works are evident at Diddah Diddah Creek at Springhurst, Victoria which carries both lanes of the Hume Freeway.






Roadwork and Earthworks