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Nelmac's Engineering Division has extensive expertise across a range of commercial activities including the provision of speciality products to suit a range of bridge construction and roadwork activities specifically:

  • Handrails and Engineering Products
  • Small Steel/ Concrete Bridges
  • Body Building and Industrial Products

Tailoring its solutions, Nelmac's Engineering Division delivers high quality products to suit the specific requirements of the project with the components being delivered in line with Nelmac's strong quality and cost focus.


Handrails and Engineering Products

Nelmac Pty Ltd own and operate a separate engineering entity, Nelmac Engineering.

They have the internal capacity to design and manufacture a range of steel components associated with bridge construction. These products meet the requirements of the various standards for various clients. Products include:

  • Low capacity handrails
  • High impact handrails
  • Safety security fencing
  • Cover plates
  • Deck expansion angles
  • Protection angles
  • Heavy steel beams.


Small Scale Steel/Concrete Steel Structures

Nelmac Pty Ltd has constructed in excess of 100 of these type of structures for clients varying from local government, private entities, to larger government departments at a State level.

These bridges can be built to meet the SM1600 loading requirements and can be a cost effective alternative to large superstructures with simple single span structures up to 20 metres being constructed in four days ready for traffic use.

Body Building and Industrial Products

  • Industrial bins
  • Trailers
  • Truck/car bodies and trays
  • Industrial products
  • Farm machinery needs


General Engineering