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Pambula River Bridge

Shaun Walsh, RTA Project Manager

"Nelmac are considered to be one of the RTA's better bridge prequalified contractors, with the working relationship during this contract being excellent. This project was opened to the public on 16 March with several community members commenting on the finish product being of such high standards."

Bob Watson RTA, Principals Authorised Person

"Nelmac demonstrated that they are one of the better RTA bridgeworks prequalified contractors, and their approach to quality, the finished product, and co-operative contracting is to be applauded."

Native Dog Creek bridge

Saman Liyanaarachchi, RTA Project Manager

"The standard of work was good in all activities carried out. The Contractor managed to deliver the products in good quality and within the tolerances specified by RTA specifications. The contractor managed the quality of the product and work processes effectively."

"The contractor had shown its full commitment to maintenance of safety standards. Environmental management on site was satisfactory in all areas."

"Good relationships were maintained by the staff at all levels. The contractor showed full commitment to the RTA contract."

Marara Creek bridge

Andrew Hargrave, RTA Project Manager

"Sound Contractor. Final product of good quality."

Belubula River bridge

Sree Sreeskantapthy, RTA Project Manager

"Progress satisfactory. Nelmac has continued to have good relationships with RTA site staff. Nelmac took initiatives such as providing better finishes for the columns by using formwork epoxy instead of spiral formwork. Nelmac raised the inconsistencies in the drawings in time for the RTA to resolve them without impacting on the works program."