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Nelmac Pty Ltd experiences date back over five decades allowing them to develop a professional and systematic approach to its demolition activities.

Nelmac Pty Ltd have been involved in numerous demolition works and have developed a range of options in consultation with statutory bodies, clients, government agencies, etc to ensure their practices meet the requirements for both safety and environmental processes including:

  • Safe removal of contaminated materials;
  • Recycling of materials where permitted;
  • Minimal impact to the environment; and
  • Safe practices in removal and demolition of existing structures.

Nelmac Pty Ltd holds a statutory prequalification Levels Demolition Restricted Licence Number AD210676.

Demolition works undertaken are done so with consideration to the structural adequacy of structures. Nelmac Pty Ltd have also been involved in repairing and strengthening of existing steel, timber or concrete structures requiring partial demolition as an alternative to constructing new bridges where existing infrastructure would suffice, with appropriate restoration works being undertaken.

All works are carried out by trained and qualified personnel holding appropriate Tickets and under the site specific safety and environmental requirements developed for each project.