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Nelmac Pty Ltd own and operate its own fleet of piling equipment with its pile driving procedures allowing the rig to be placed 6 metres from centre line of pile therefore, minimising the risks associated with unstable materials around piling site.

Nelmac Pty Ltd's preferred method for pile driving over waterways is through the use of temporary bridging. This in turn reduces the environment impact on waterways, requires minimal (if any) backfilling of waterways, minimal disturbance of surrounding banks.

Because of the uniqueness of our pile driving equipment we can drive piles parallel to the existing bridge structure which allows the temporary bridging to be used post pile driving stage for other construction works as required.

Nelmac Pty Ltd over the time have undertaken a range of pile driving processes which includes, but not limited to:

  • Concrete piles up to 600mm diameter
  • Prestressed piles up to 600mm octagonal x 44metres long
  • Steel H piles
  • Steel cylinders
  • Sheet piling
  • Bored piles up to 1500 diameter.



Pile Driving